Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i was folding clothes last night and found, i believe, my new favorite tee. it's my mom's but i'm "borrowing" it. it's a bit pilled but i absolutely love the fit. I'm definitely not putting it in the dryer, ever. it reminds me of the new shirt i've been needing from AA.

UGGGH CLASSES. independent studies during summer sucks. I'd rather take the gruesome three week summer course at la sierra than this independent distance ed. poo
i should finish the last two chapters of probalibility & statistics tonight, hopefully. Then just do the final tomorrow while working on archaeology stuff before going to my friend's b-day dinner. THEN HOPEFULLY, by friday i should have everything ready to be shipped off to school on monday. SO THEN HOPEFULLY by monday i can start on my old testament class while plan for my numerous photo shoots in late july/early aug. O_O. end of rant/worries/procrastination.

shoes, F21. shorts, F21. shirt, urbn.

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Meri said...

Simpe and casual outfit, but it works!