Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hello world

So i'm done with my Old testament class...i'm freeeeeeeeeee! time to schedule shoots and relax :)

I stopped by zara a while ago and tried on a tux jacket from their new fall collection and absolultely LOVE it. it was however above $100... sadness :( but it looked so good. i found one on topshop, but it's not the same as that from zara. BUT! i got amazing boots for $30!!! It is very much needed considering that i've been wearing boots almost everyday in texas (no, not cowboy boots). I also got this lovely black sling purse, too. I'll be sure to to get photos up.

here is the topshop tux jacket:

mk and ashley's 'influence' book is up for pre-order on amazon. I might just get it.

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