Thursday, July 14, 2011

Style Videossss.

more on my youtube page! :) Will be doing more style vids, gadget reviews, game reviews, kpop tutorials and more soon!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Current Music Favorites with little MV ideas.

Falling girl. Slow motion. Dark brown hair with light shining through. She falls slow and slower. It's the moment where the the sun lights the sky in all directions. 10 minutes before the sun disappears. An old brown car drives through desert highway. Lights turn on. Wind blows her hair the same. Slow and slower. Faucet turns on in a gas station bathroom. Tagged mirrors and walls. Zoom in on the dripping water coming through her hands. Splash splash on her face. Breathe in is very audible. Slow and slower. Mirror shot. Water dripping from her chin, eyes closed, breathing out. Slow and slower. Lights turn off and flicker back on. Back to the shot a girl falling, hair blowing in the wind upwards, light shining through, delicate fingers. Car parked on the side of the road. She walks out. Car lights are bright. Cue in light leak and glare. . Zoom out. She walks to the trunk, zoom in on hands, she takes out a shovel. Walks 10 steps out to the dirt. Shallow grave. Back to the trunk. Grabs lean arms and hands. Drags a body out with the same dark brown hair. The body loses a shoe while being dragged to the shallow grave. Shallow depth of field. Details shots of dirt covering thin smooth thighs. Dirt covering delicate hands. Dirt covering feet with a missing shoe. Dirt covering dark brown hair. Move slowly down the face with dirt half covering it. Viewer notices she looks identical to the driver. Girl falling. Body shot of girl falling. Her dress flowing her hair flowing. Light shine through. Glare. Slow and slower. End. (she's burying herself, lol. )

Reflections of nyc's lights on the puddles of the streets. A black lace up boot clad foot steps through it and splashes onto the brick wall. A woman walks through a crowd of tourists in the middle of the street coming out a dark alley. Rewind x10 speed. Blood on the tiled kitchen floor. Sirens in the backgrounds. City lights on the wall. Zoom in on head trauma of a man lying on the floor. Floor view from behind the girl's feet, pan up towards her hands in a fist that slowly relaxes, continue up her body and the back of her dark wavy hair. She turns around and you see her lips moving not knowing what she just mumbled. Eyebrows and eyes look concerned. She walks briskly to table gets her bags and leaves. Down the carpeted hallway with flickering lights. Pass the unconcious drug addict. Waist down view of her feet moving. Moving. Down the stairs. Doors open under half lit sign. It's wet. It just rained. The smell is strong. The sound is strong. She walks down the alley way. She walks and walks and disappears through the crowds and smoke. Zoom in on her lips. She smiles. End.

I have a feeling I'm missing a few. I'll post an update if I remember them. Enjoy folks.