Thursday, July 14, 2011

Style Videossss.

more on my youtube page! :) Will be doing more style vids, gadget reviews, game reviews, kpop tutorials and more soon!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Current Music Favorites with little MV ideas.

Falling girl. Slow motion. Dark brown hair with light shining through. She falls slow and slower. It's the moment where the the sun lights the sky in all directions. 10 minutes before the sun disappears. An old brown car drives through desert highway. Lights turn on. Wind blows her hair the same. Slow and slower. Faucet turns on in a gas station bathroom. Tagged mirrors and walls. Zoom in on the dripping water coming through her hands. Splash splash on her face. Breathe in is very audible. Slow and slower. Mirror shot. Water dripping from her chin, eyes closed, breathing out. Slow and slower. Lights turn off and flicker back on. Back to the shot a girl falling, hair blowing in the wind upwards, light shining through, delicate fingers. Car parked on the side of the road. She walks out. Car lights are bright. Cue in light leak and glare. . Zoom out. She walks to the trunk, zoom in on hands, she takes out a shovel. Walks 10 steps out to the dirt. Shallow grave. Back to the trunk. Grabs lean arms and hands. Drags a body out with the same dark brown hair. The body loses a shoe while being dragged to the shallow grave. Shallow depth of field. Details shots of dirt covering thin smooth thighs. Dirt covering delicate hands. Dirt covering feet with a missing shoe. Dirt covering dark brown hair. Move slowly down the face with dirt half covering it. Viewer notices she looks identical to the driver. Girl falling. Body shot of girl falling. Her dress flowing her hair flowing. Light shine through. Glare. Slow and slower. End. (she's burying herself, lol. )

Reflections of nyc's lights on the puddles of the streets. A black lace up boot clad foot steps through it and splashes onto the brick wall. A woman walks through a crowd of tourists in the middle of the street coming out a dark alley. Rewind x10 speed. Blood on the tiled kitchen floor. Sirens in the backgrounds. City lights on the wall. Zoom in on head trauma of a man lying on the floor. Floor view from behind the girl's feet, pan up towards her hands in a fist that slowly relaxes, continue up her body and the back of her dark wavy hair. She turns around and you see her lips moving not knowing what she just mumbled. Eyebrows and eyes look concerned. She walks briskly to table gets her bags and leaves. Down the carpeted hallway with flickering lights. Pass the unconcious drug addict. Waist down view of her feet moving. Moving. Down the stairs. Doors open under half lit sign. It's wet. It just rained. The smell is strong. The sound is strong. She walks down the alley way. She walks and walks and disappears through the crowds and smoke. Zoom in on her lips. She smiles. End.

I have a feeling I'm missing a few. I'll post an update if I remember them. Enjoy folks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IMATS Pasadena Haul 2011

Hello hellooo! It's been a while since I last blogged. But after my few weeks on non-stop travels I'm finally starting to settle down, well not really, I'll be moving soon to a lovely downtown Dallas studio in a 1920s building (gorgeous!). Anyways! Back to IMATS!!! I want to thank Siska for giving a friend and I the tickets she bought (because we were procrastinating and didn't buy the tickets until last minute when they were SOLD OUT!).

We all left at 5:30 and got there at 6:30. There was about 50 people ahead of us, not bad at all! But they made us wait outside, unlike last year, it was indoors (it was very, very cold). They let us in for registration at 8 and opened the doors at 830. There was a little drama because they made the line wrap around close to the doors so the people who didn't come as early as the rest of us were closer to the doors! But it's totally okay, my friends and I used our asian ninja skills to shimmy our way through people. I ran. Got to MUFE first. MAJOR disappointment. The lady immediately said it wasn't 40% off, but 20% off this year. WHAT. NEXT. We ran to inglots and was lucky enough to be among the "first layer" of bodies closing in on the booth. It was chaos. Hands everywhere. A little BO from a lady. Howeveeeer, we did a lot of team work with the other ladies and ended up being done with our TWENTY pan palette in one hour. Russian (he was probably polish though, since it is a polish brand) accent dude was nice and got our orders but said we had to come back in an hour so our orders can be fulfilled. By the way, they had I believe either a 30% or 40% off discount! Twenty pan palette was $72 and a ten pan palette was $38. We came back for a 10 pan palette. Teehees.

After Inglot we went to NYX. Holy moly! The lines, there wasn't any!! Okay, maybe a little, but only five people! Most of the folks were just around the very large booth shopping, so yippie! The discount was good, looked like most of the products were almost 50% off. I bought a lot more than I would, considering MUFE fell through. I got the Tea Rose cream blush that I heard good reviews about (Btw, I LOVE IT!), three black label lippies that ended up looking a lot like eachother (I'm very attracted to corals and bright colors), a matte lip...gloss? (I love it as well) and a new concealer brush (it's a blending brush but works SPECTACULAR with concealers!!!).

Sigma was another disappointment. They weren't selling ANYTHING! I was expecting to buy their sigmax brushes and few others but nope. Money saved (I will be proven wrong later in the day). They were giving out great freebies, travel sized eyeshadow brush, potentially a holy grail item, and a sample eyeshadow mini palette (which I gave to my mom).

From here on I don't remember the order of the things we did so I'm just going to write things as I remember them.

Took photos with pursebuzz, she's so pretty in person. Got the Unii palette for an awesome deal, originally $29, marked down to $17!!! I got the lemon grass color. I was about to get another one but they said they were making a larger one so I'm waiting for that instead. This will be peeeerfect for traveling!

Clarisonic. Oh clarisonic. I did my research and last year they offered a $100 special show price for a pro set. Not this time. No discount? No money from emzilla. NEXT!

Namies! Bobbi brown was doing a 40% off discount but we stared and stared and there was no urge to buy anything. WEIRD. I think I had a makeup overload. But I ended up buying a lot at lime crime, the next booth we stopped at. Okay. OMG. I love the packaging -_- one of my weaknesses is GOOD packaging. Or anything cute. And this was cute. So I bought away. Two pigments, dragon scales (mac's club-like color) and cupcake thief (shimmery duochrome color), retrofuturist lipstick, a lovely shade of red, and a eyeshadow primer (which mine was dried out o_O, but the consistency is still nice). I originally wanted to buy one funky color but I knoooow I'll look cyanotic with blue lips. I took a picture with Doe Deere, I wanted her outfit, so cute. I'm hoping to grab a few more products with their July 1st 30% sale. By the way, all their products were 40% off, yays!

We went down the aisle and stopped by Eve Pearl because I can't resist a good concealer. The lady was VERY convincing and did a little demo on me with their powder, it was nice on the first layer until she did a little too much. But I still bought the dual salmon concealer in medium-tan (I'm a nw25 for foundation, nc30 for concealer). I think I will mix a little of my bobbi brown's concealer in sand with it in the winter because I feel it's going to be too dark for me..or whenever I want to brightened the area up. I'm very interested in its "treatment" claim though. The reason her base products are expensive because it has skin care benefits to it, so we'll see if it works or not!

After stopping by Inglot to get the 10 pan palette we went to MUFE. I went to check out their face and body foundation which was originally on my to get list. I was searching for my color until the lady said "if you're going to order, do it soon, we're not accepting orders in TEN MINUTES!!!". Girl, I grabbed a order sheet in a second and stood in "line". There was no line O_O We waited hours last year, by 2 o'clock, there was a three hour wait line! Now, there was nooo line. They got our order and said they would just process it now to get it done since we're already there. I got mine, but my friend didn't! Bad service. We were standing IN FRONT of them =\. I do love my face and body (shade #32) though, wish she could enjoy hers if they didn't ignore her! umph!

And then we were pooped. I saw a STUNNING girl sitting in front of us while we rested. I felt like a creeper staring at her. I totally should've gotten her number or gave my card. Yeah, I definitely sound like a creeper.

We saw a lot of gurus! Holly, Jen from head to toe, Pursebuzz, etc etc. photos on my faceboooks. Great transformations too, liked last years more, there were a lot more boobies last year, but there were two this year that was a stunner!

Overall, it was very worthwhile! I felt like the lines were very reasonable but the discounts were bumped down (I'm looking at you, MUFE). My haul seemed more thought out this time around. Spent WAY more than last year's but all the products bought will be used throughly!
I can't wait for IMATS 2012! YAYS!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I got my JC lita in taupe suede from solestruck todaaaaay. Love.

Skirt, F21. Tank, American Apparel. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Lita.

Monday, May 23, 2011


A weekend with friends! Alicia, Steph & Monica visited from Texas/Arizona! I showed them my favorite beach, The Grove, Portos, Brazilian food, purikura madness, and some more. It was good seeing them again (it's been a year!) and to finally meet Monica! Yaay! Good timeees!

Skirt, H&M. bustier, F21. Lace shirt, H&M.

Life Inspiration: Erin Fetherston

Welcome to a new segment on my blog called Life Inspiration showcasing the homes of style icons, designers, artists, and other creative souls!

images from

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bang trim, boba and LUSH haul!

Alisa and I went to get our bangs trimmed in the O.C. by a sweet Korean lady whom we pledged to go get our trims done by from now on! From there we went to Tastea and was bombarded by kids brought by some teacher, I'm guessing he was treating them to boba and karate chicken. Waited there for a while, super bussssy. I traded my drink with Alisa, no surprise, I lack good decision making skills on food and drinks apparently. Got my lychee fix and went to Lush. I originally planned to get 1 or 2 things. I ended up with purchasing SEVEN goodies and three samples. Yeeeeeeeeah. I got the Sakura bath bomb, this pink bubble bar, imperialis face moisturizer, thereapy massage bar, another fresh face mask, and two shampoo bars. WHAT THE?!

After that I met with my Texan friends at Round 1, took purikura and stayed the weekend with them in a cute hotel in Glendale (literally 10 steps away from PORTOS!). Photo adventures in malibu and beyond coming soon. I'll be seeing them soon in June for a wedding I'll be shooting!

Pinafore dress, F21. Blouse, UO. Shoes, reflections.