Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bang trim, boba and LUSH haul!

Alisa and I went to get our bangs trimmed in the O.C. by a sweet Korean lady whom we pledged to go get our trims done by from now on! From there we went to Tastea and was bombarded by kids brought by some teacher, I'm guessing he was treating them to boba and karate chicken. Waited there for a while, super bussssy. I traded my drink with Alisa, no surprise, I lack good decision making skills on food and drinks apparently. Got my lychee fix and went to Lush. I originally planned to get 1 or 2 things. I ended up with purchasing SEVEN goodies and three samples. Yeeeeeeeeah. I got the Sakura bath bomb, this pink bubble bar, imperialis face moisturizer, thereapy massage bar, another fresh face mask, and two shampoo bars. WHAT THE?!

After that I met with my Texan friends at Round 1, took purikura and stayed the weekend with them in a cute hotel in Glendale (literally 10 steps away from PORTOS!). Photo adventures in malibu and beyond coming soon. I'll be seeing them soon in June for a wedding I'll be shooting!

Pinafore dress, F21. Blouse, UO. Shoes, reflections.

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Vivie said...

I absolutely love your style! <3

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