Friday, July 25, 2008

fall, where art thou?

here is another look i've been eyeing on. michael kors:

it was a huge inspiration for this banquet at the fort worth modern art museum last semester. i LOVE the hair in the show and had that done plus the whole gold/tan/nude/ivory color scheme i used as well. the shoes were very hard to find, i wanted those 4 inch classic nude pumps but opted for a little rounder toed bone pump from aldo. the dress i had and thought it would fit the look, i wish i had the gorgeous purple pencil dress though. also, at the thrift store i found this AMAZING fur coat. sundays everything is 50% off the entire store, ssooooo, i'm hoping it's fake fur so i can wear it. if not they have some amazing faux fur collars willing to replace it. they're fab, really. classy and elegant.

dress, bcbg. heels, aldo.

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